Two things. One, I know I said I had a Hybrid Heart Attack update, and it is definitely coming this week. I’ve been busy as I hung out with friends, then went to a drag show the next day with said friends (10/10 highly recommend) THEN hung out with my friend who I haven’t seen in a while cause she’s two hours away at another college today. Soooo I haven’t finished it, but I PROMISE it’s v v soon. 💚

Two, I’m in love with games as well as watching games. Cryaotic has been my all time favorite for years and years and years and long story short, I rewatched his Until Dawn series and can I just say I love that game and all the characters? Like Josh Washington, he was a bit of a crazy man, but must be protected?? And I love Chris?? And MIKE??? Like I need imagines and stories for them but I cannot find any. When I get this way, I just wanna write my own, this is where you all have to stop me from creating another blog and writing Until Dawn Imagines like y’all I canNOT! If you guys have any suggestions for blogs with good until dawn imagines hit a girl up.

Okay love you byyyyye. 💚💚💚

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